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Primary 4 Lesson 13: The People of King Limhi and the People of Alma

Primary 4 
Lesson 13: The People of King Limhi and the People of Alma





1) Make a mini flip book from these images.
2) Print a set of these images and use them as sequencing game, having the class retell the story of Limhi's people and putting the pictures in order.
3) Print 2 sets of 4 of these images and place them face down to play a matching game where class members turn over two at a time, trying to find a match:
Nephites pay taxes to Lamanites  Strangers outside city put into prison  Guards were drunk, Nephites escaped

4) Open your lesson by playing "Person Place or Thing?"

5) Review the Attention Activity words and meanings with the children. Prepare the definitions ahead of time in large print on paper. Play the "What Am I ?"game, leaving the definition on the board behind the class member that has the word on their forehead (So class members will have the definition as a help when they give clues to the headband wearer).

6) Review Article of Faith 4: Draw a line from the principle or ordinance to the correct picture.
Explanations of AOF from Friend. Good for FHE:

7) Complete the Fourth Article of Faith challenges in class:
Article of Faith 4

8) Make a faith door hanger:
Door hanger

9) Complete a Fourth Article of Faith maze:

10) Play Fourth Article of Faith picture scramble:

11) Learn the "Fourth Article of Faith" song.

12) Learn the song "Faith" in American Sign language.  ASL download link is on the right side of the page.

Coloring Pages:
Flannel board figures  A black-and-white illustration of a father, with his hand to the square, baptizing his daughter. Stairs with the numbers 1–4 are in the background.Black-and-white illustrations of a boy being baptized and then confirmed, next to the words "I will be baptized" and "I will be confirmed."A black-and-white illustration of a boy in a two-buttoned collared shirt with his arms folded, his eyes closed, and his head bowed in prayer.


  coloring activity

Non Resources for this lesson (Great for FHE):


Find helps for this lesson HERE.

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