Sunday, January 10, 2016

What Am I Game

Kids in my classes love the what am I game. We don't do it every week because they love it a little too much. I take two strips of paper, cut the long way, and fasten them together to make a headband. Because the children have different size heads and we share the one band I clasp it together with a paper clip. I use a Post-it note, upside down so the sticky is on the band and the bulk of the note is sticking above the child's forehead, and write a word on it. The class takes turns giving the child wearing the headband clues about what they are (what word is written on the note).  I recommend limiting the number of clues. Some kids could guess all day and some kids aren't that great at clue giving.

Make the words you choose have to do with your primary lesson. Choose words from your lesson like Nephi, brass plates, family, prophet, Article of Faith... and so on.  This is a great review activity as children hear again the descriptions and principles from the lessons as they give clues.

Here's a printable headband. Printing one at the first of the year and keeping it in your bag for extra lesson time will give you one more boredom buster in class. (Leave off the flowers unless you have a class full of girls.) 
Daisy Headband Craft for May Day or Mothers Day

Want to make it extra fun so they're excited every time you pull the game out? Put a character on the front of the headband, like this frog. His wiggly legs will bounce and you can stick a post it note right on his belly... or if you want to get fancy you can laminate him and use a dry erase marker.
Frog Crafts for Preschool

You could even print out a blank face for the headband:

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