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Primary 2 Lesson 4: I Chose to Follow Jesus Christ

Primary 2
Lesson 4: I Chose to Follow Jesus Christ


I will Follow God's Plan for Me in American Sign Language.

I Will Follow God's Plan for Me video with images

Introduction: Our Heavenly Father's Plan

Before the Old Testament


The First Article of Faith

I Am a Child of God

I Lived in Heaven

I Will Follow God's Plan


The Great Plan of Happiness

Jehovah and the Wonderful Plan of Our Heavenly Father


1) I Will Follow God's Plan For Me calendar handout:
At the beginning of each month, read the theme and scripture listed for that month. Then find the appropriate picture/goal. 
I Will Follow God’s Plan for MeI Will Follow God’s Plan for MeI Will Follow God’s Plan for Me

2) Teach the song, I Will Follow God's Plan for Me, with this fun game.
Use either a tray with objects and words, or a poster with pictures and words to play a “What Is Missing?” game. 

3) Scripture Activity:

4) Make a mini flip book:
Image result for i am my heavenly father's child

5) Have your class cut out and reassemble their own puzzle:

6) Make a snowflake
snowflake pattern

7) Try a simple cross stitch in class:

8) Make a Plan of Happiness Viewer

9) Make "A Path for Me" poster

10) Make a mini book:
Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness for Me

11) Assemble a Plan of Salvation
Plan of salvation

12) Color the other half of these pictures and make a mini book

13) Plan of Happiness Scramble
Back to Your Heavenly Home

14) I would love to cut these out and make a mobile. You could also print two, cut them apart, tape them to 3x5 cards, and place them face down to play a matching game.

15) Print a bunch of footprints and give them to the children. Have them write something they can do to follow Jesus. Then have them place the prints on the floor to see if they can make a follow-able path to a picture of Jesus on the wall.

Coloring pages:
  Coloring activityfamily together on sofaOur Beautiful World

Heavenly Father with spirit childrenmusic, I Will Follow God’s Plan for MePlan of Salvation cutouts

Other Non Resources for this lesson: resources for this lesson

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