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Primary 1 Lesson 4: I Can Pray to Heavenly Father

Primary 1
Lesson 4: I Can Pray to Heavenly Father


He Is Listening

Music :

I Pray in Faith

A Child's Prayer

Family Prayer

A Prayer

We Bow Our Heads


How to Pray and Seek Answers

My Little Prayer (Medium Sized Poem)

P-R-A-Y-E-R (What Prayer stands for)

A Prayer for Safety

The Light

Friend to Friend:  J Ballard Washburn of the Seventy

Mary Jane Listens


1)Make a mini book:

2) Help children fill out a prayer reminder chart:
child praying

3) Put together a puzzle:

4) What kind of prayer is it? You can even make a mini prayer book.
Prayer from the Friend Jan 2005: Prayer

5) Color by number but little ones will need help! Best for small classes.

6) Mini book:
I Can Be Reverent pictures, right page

7) Flap page:
Black-and-white illustrations of things that children can pray over, such as food, with instructions of how to say a simple prayer below the images.flip book example

8) I know you may not agree, but this handout screams paper chain to me. Have the kids color the page, cut out the strips and tape them together in a chain.
Black-and-white illustrations of a family, a home, clothing, food, and prayer, with statements about the family next to the images.

9) Make actions to and memorize this poem: Daily Prayers By Cheryl Slinker

10) Make a prayer slide strip. Children in Primary 1 will not be able to read so help them color a picture in each space to remind them what to pray for... or color it before class:
Prayer reminder

11) Praying Paper Dolls:
 Cut outs for fasting

12) Make a coat hanger mobile! Okay, really, I'd just get some cheap pencils (unsharpened) and tape them on there instead of a coat hanger (drinking straws will also work These kids are 3 & 4 years old, it won't last long anyway). Darling images!
Mobile shapesMobile shapesMobile shapesMobile shapes

13) Tell the story of little Jeremy and Daniel with these cut outs:

14) Make a Prayer Reminder Slide:
Morning and evening

15) Make a praying paper doll:
paper doll, girl praying

16) What kind of prayer is it puzzle:

Coloring pages:

girl kneeling in prayer by bedA black-and-white illustration of a boy kneeling to pray next to his bed with a framed picture of the resurrected Christ on his nightstand.A black-and-white illustration of a girl with long hair folding her arms and bowing her head next to her bed to say a prayer.


A young boy folds his arms, bows his head, and prays.A young girl folds her arms and bows her head while kneeling down to pray in the living room.A young boy kneels down, folds his arms, and closes his eyes while saying a prayer in his bedroom.A woman on the temple grounds kneels down, folds her arms, and prays.A young girl folds her arms and prays while sitting at a table and reading her scriptures.A young girl folds her arms and leans on her bed while she closes her eyes and prays.A sister missionary kneels in her living room and prays with her companion.A young boy stands and folds his arms during prayer in church.A little boy closes his eyes and folds his arms while he prays at a microphone in Primary.A family kneel in a bedroom next to a bed and pray together.A girl wearing a white T-shirt and a pink bow in her blond hair kneels next to her bed with her eyes closed to say a prayer in the morning.A boy kneels on a rug, clasps his hands, and prays.A young woman clasps her hands and rests her forehead on them, closes her eyes, and prays.A young man with curly black hair and a green plaid shirt sits in an outdoor tropical setting and prays with head bowed and arms folded.

Other Non Resources for this lesson:

People I'm Praying For craft: My LDS & Other Projects: Primary Helps:
Sunbeam Printables: Boy and Girl Prayer Dolls for Lesson 4: I Can Pray to Heavenly Father: A Year of FHE: 2010 - Wk 40 : Prayer: helps for this lesson can be found here.

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