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Primary 4 Lesson 4: The Tree of Life

Primary 4
Lesson 4: The Tree of Life


Chapter 6: Lehi’s Dream


I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

Families Can Be Together Forever


Lehi’s Dream and You

I Will Share the Gospel with All of God’s Children

(Adult) Lehi’s Dream: Holding Fast to the Rod

(Adult) Finding Ourselves in Lehi’s Dream

For Little Friends: Hold to the Iron Rod By Jane McBride Choate

The Right Path


1) Print these twice and play a memory matching game by placing them picture side down and taking turns to see who can get a match.

Tree of Life
Tree of Life

2) Read one of these rebus poems as a class. To keep the children engaged, after reading the poem talk about each symbol and have them color that symbol a certain color as they find it on their page.
Lehi's Dream rebus Tree of Life 

3) Print the Book of Mormon Stories picture version of Lehi's Dream. Use them as sequencing cards at the end of the lesson, having children help you put the images in order.

Lehi eating fruit

4) Hold to the rod game from the June 1988 Friend Magazine, but not hosted on any longer (at least that we can find). Thank Pat Graham, Laurie K. Hutchinson, and Shauna Mooney for this lovely game if you ever see them. Thank you to the individuals hosting it (probably

5) Father Lehi Elizabeth Giles, Illustrated by Julie F. Young. The article is here.
The image is no longer hosted on (at least that we can find). Thank you to the individuals hosting it (probably

6) Print and cut these images out. Place them in a sack or bag that is not see through. Have the children take turns drawing one out of the bag and discuss what each means.
Lehi's dream

7) Finger puppets!!! Need I say more?
Compass of Faith

8) PDF printable of Lehi's Dream. Cut out.
tree of life cutouts
Find another version here.

9) Print twice and cut out the Lehi's Dream Clipart on this page and this page. Past the images on 3x5 cards to play a memory game where you place the images upside down and take turns turning two over to see if your students can find a match.

10) Assemble Lehi's Dream:
A treeBeautiful buildingPrideful peopleRighteous peopleUnhappy people

11) Prepare Gospel Cards to Share
Bringing Primary Home

12) Make a Blessings Tree:
tree and fruit cutouts

Coloring pages:
Tree of Life


Lehi's Dream Vision  family walking towards treeFour clip art images from Lehi’s dream: the fruit, the path, Lehi, and Lehi’s family.Five clip art images from Lehi’s dream: the great and spacious building, a hand on the rod, Nephi holding the rod, Lehi’s family, and the tree of life.tree of lifeMatt and Mandy’s family in the car

Other Non Resources for this lesson:
I love Susan Fitch!

I love Susan Fitch!
I love Susan Fitch!

Fee, Beautiful, Simple Lehi's
Dream Printables
Vision of the Tree of Life Clipart - Rachel Bruner
Free, Great printable
Lehi's Dream Figures!

A Long, wordy blog, but a 
good explanation of 
symbolism (Scroll way down)

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