Sunday, January 3, 2016


Friend-Jan 2016:Windows before Winter How could they raise enough money to finish the tabernacle?

Friend-Jan 2016:Wilford’s Fast Offering We can bless the lives of others when we share what we have.

Holy Ghost:
Friend-Feb 2016: The Trouble with Recess Why was the playground helper so grouchy?

Friend-Feb 2016: Prepared to Share Pray for the chance to meet people who want something better in their lives.

Friend-Feb 2016: You Are Special Emma receives a Father's Blessing.

Friend-Feb 2016: You Are Special Emma receives a Father's Blessing.

Sabbath Day:
Friend-Jan 2016: Happy Sabbath: Getting Ready for Sunday  Imagine you were going on a trip to meet a very important person. What would you do to get ready? 
Friend-Feb 2016:  How can I make Sunday a special day? God gave us this special day to rest from work and to grow closer to Him.

Service:Hallowing Service  Today in sacrament meeting I glanced over at a sweet little girl. She was standing at her father’s knee coloring papers he held on his lap. She couldn’t have been more than three years old. The scene was so precious: her large, innocent, round eyes focused so intently on the crayon in her hand, her father so carefully holding the closed hymnbook as a desk for the paper....

Friend-Jan 2016: How Embarrassing! Sometimes Silverio wished he didn’t have to help Mom.

Testimony:Friend-Jan 2016: How can I get my own testimony?  Your testimony will grow as you learn about Heavenly Father and Jesus.
Friend-Feb 2016:  Testimony Treasure What kind of treasure grows when you share it?

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