Sunday, January 3, 2016

Primary 1 Lesson 1

Primary 1
Lesson 1: I Am a Child of God


I am a child of God
A Child of God, No Matter What!
Chapter 15: The Baby Moses


I Am a Child of God


1) Make a crown. Print a few to make one crown. Have the children color their crown pieces before you assemble the crown. Be sure to bring tape to the classroom. Have one made up before hand, colored nice, so they'll be excited about what they are creating.
Crown pattern

2) A crown for Little Friends:

Coloring pages:
Coloring Page  A black-and-white illustration of the creation of animals, including an elephant, giraffe, kangaroo, cheetah, rabbit, raccoon, porcupine, mouse, and bear.

A view of a part of the earth from space, with the moon seen in the distance.  A painting by George Soper showing the daughter of Pharaoh and several other women encountering the baby Moses among the bulrushes.  A painting by Del Parson showing Christ sitting in white and red robes, surrounded by four children from different backgrounds and nationalities.

Other Non Resources for this lesson:

1) Make a Crown from Sunbeam Printables:
2) Make an oragmi crown for the children in your class. (Children in Primary 1 will not be able to make their own but they'll think you're awesome for making them one-especially if you make one in front of them.)

Complicated but darling tutorial HERE.
Crown Box Tutorial (Is that a treat you'll put in there? Sunbeams miss their nursery treats, especially this close to the beginning of the year. Fishy crackers Ho! Seriously though, beware fishy crackers. Small children enjoy "popping" them between their fingers and it can get your classroom dirty.)

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