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Primary 4 Lesson 3: Obtaining the Brass Plates

Primary 4
Lesson 3: Obtaining the Brass Plates


Chapter 4: The Brass Plates (4:29 Min.)


Nephi's Courage


Chapter 4: The Brass Plates

“I Will Go and Do …”

Why is being obedient so important?

Obedience Brings Blessings


1) Make a mini book or print 2 and play a matching game. You could print one and have the children put them in the right sequence:

2) Complete a maze:
3) Or a crossword puzzle:
Crossword puzzle

4) The pictures of President Hunter on page 43 show some of the things that he did to be obedient. Fill in the missing word(s) under each picture. On separate sheets of paper, draw pictures of ways that you are obedient. Label and color the pictures.
President Hunter was obedient

Coloring pages:
  Image result for sword

  Laman and Lemuel beating Nephi and Sam 

Brass Plates

  Image result for laban lds.orgPaper cut outobedience posterBright Idea

Other Non Resources for this lesson:

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