Thursday, January 7, 2016

Primary 2 Lesson 3: I Am a Child of God

Primary 2
Lesson 3: I Am a Child of God


Video Presentation: I Am a Child of God

ASL I am a Child of God


My Heavenly Father Loves Me

I Am a Child of God

Music: Because I Am a Child of God


1) This one is inside the lesson so you need to at least try it. 
paper doll

2) Math on Sunday? Depending on how old your class is you can make this coloring activity easier for them by giving them some answers. 
Heavenly Father loves us completely. How do we show our love for Him? To find some of the ways, shade in all of the shapes that have a number that you can divide by three. 
Heavenly Father Loves You

3) Make paper puppets:
You are eternal

4) Make paper dolls:

Movable Story Figures

5) Talk about how your body moves then make a movable figure:
Paper cutoutsA boy prays

6) Using pencils, string, paper clips and magnets make a fishing pond so the children can "fish" for the lesson question they get to answer. Hint: Number your questions and write the number on the fish instead of writing the entire question.

7) Make a scripture box:
Scripture box

8) Solve this puzzle:
Coloring puzzle

Coloring pages:
A black-and-white illustration of a young boy and a young girl next to the words "I Am A Child of God."I am a child of Godmobile illustrations

Articles and Stories (Friend Magazine):

I Am a Child of God

Jesus Christ with children Bright Idea

Other Non Resources for this lesson:

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