Monday, March 14, 2016

Primary 2 Lesson 13: The Gift of the Holy Ghost Can Help Me

Primary 2

1) Make a flip book by cutting out these images, making two holes in the top of each and stringing them together. Have the students cut out the text and glue the text to the back of the picture it belongs to.

1) For this age, I love to have them color ears and we fasten them to their ears with loose rubber bands. You could also leave a tag of paper at the top of them to fold over the back of their ear and fasten that way.  They really enjoy their big, colorful ears.
An illustration of two ears.

2) Drop a piece of paper. Really. Convince the children to be quiet and see if they can hear the paper hit the floor. If they can, because you have more than two gathered in the name of Christ, the Holy Ghost will feel thick and very discernible in the room. Once they can feel the difference and can feel the Holy Ghost, discuss why maybe they couldn't feel Him before. Were they trying to listen for Him before? Was the classroom too loud? Did they need to be more reverent?

3) Listen to a piece of music (Not the whole piece, just enough to get the point across. Little people aren't patient with classical music). Next let them hear the sound of an instrument, like a drum, flute, or violin. Then listen to the piece of music and have them raise their hands when they can hear the instrument play. They can hear that instrument when they couldn't before because they listened on purpose for it. Discuss how we need to listen on purpose for the whisper of the Holy Ghost. As we practice listening for it, we will hear the whisper more and more.

4) Make a box and take turns tossing it to see the different ways you can invite the Holy Ghost into your life.

5) Make a reverence mini book:

I Can Be Reverent pictures, right page

6) Make a Holy Ghost mini book:

7) Match the words to the pictures. (Teacher will be doing all the reading):

8) Learn The Holy Ghost in American Sign language. To the right of the page there is a download link for this video song in ASL.

9) Make a mini book from the pictures in the article "Inviting the Sprit" By Hilary Watkins Lemon.

10) Read "How can I be guided by the Holy Ghost?" and color this horse coloring page:

11) Read Obstetrical Course Challenge and set up and obstetrical course in class with the chairs.

Coloring pages:
A black-and-white illustration of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, wearing robes, standing side-by-side with hands outstretched.  A black-and-white illustration of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appearing to a kneeling Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove.        Coloring page  


Other Non Resources for this lesson:

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