Sunday, March 13, 2016

Primary 1 Lesson 13: I Am Thankful for Birds and Insects

Primary 1

Rescued by Christ

Music :

In the Leafy Treetops
The World Is So Big
All Things Bright and Beautiful
Birds in the Trees


1) Make a flying bird:

I love to take a bird like this and tape it together, wings outstretched. Then my students and I tape a pencil or Popsicle stick to the back and move the pencil up and down to make it "fly." Be sure to color it first. It's always easier to color anything first, before cutting and taping. I've included non pictures at the bottom of this post to give you more flying bird craft options.

2) Make and open/closed eyed owl:


3) Make a bird ornament:
bird ornament

4) Have the children color only the birds:
A black-and-white depiction of the creation of fishes and fowls, including a whale, owl, and pelican.

5) Find the hidden pictures in this seagull coloring page:
sea gulls and crickets hidden pictures

6) Make origami grasshoppers for your class (Teacher will be making these):

7) Make origami birds for your class (Teacher will be making these):

8) Make winged birds:
Placement on plate

9) Make beaks and have the children tweet, and flap their wings to a primary song tune:
How to Make a Construction Paper Beak

10) Make a feathered hat or necklace (by stringing feathers on yarn) with construction paper:
Turkey Hat  IndianHeadband_LG_000diy feather bunting banner

Coloring pages:
A black-and-white illustration of two birds, a chicken, and a duck.

    Primary cutouts of a bear standing near rocks and trees, a brown bird standing on a rock, and a white bird standing with other birds flying in the background.  A painting by Goff Dowding of large seagulls flying into a wheat field and eating the crickets, with a family praying and watching nearby.Primary cutouts of a chicken standing with her chicks, an orange butterfly, a bee on a purple flower, and a spider on a spiderweb.An image of a seagull standing on a rocky ledge overlooking a beach on an overcast day.

Other Non Resources for this lesson:
How cute are these...Paper Plate Rooster.  Other cute ideas for the farm.:   O is for Owl Cute Printable Halloween Animal Paper Masks owl-mask-coloring-page – Fantasy Jr.: Canary Bird, Canary Bird Spread His Wing Coloring Pages: Canary Bird Spread His Wing Coloring PagesMobile Owl Crafts

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