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Primary 4 Lesson 16: Alma and Amulek in Prison

Primary 4 

Lesson 16: Alma and Amulek in Prison


1) How Can I Be Like A Missionary Now? Cut this handout into strips. Give the strips to the children. Have each child read how they can be a missionary now. With magnets, assemble the handout on the board to show the picture it makes.
Special Witness

2) Talk about how Alma and Amulek wanted to include everyone in receiving the Lord's message. What does it mean to include everyone? Act out a play to demonstrate this. The Magical Marvelous Magnificent Club.
The Magical Marvelous Magnificent Club

3) Complete the "We Did Not Doubt" Dot-to-Dot after talking about Alma and Amulek's faith and how they needed that faith for the prison walls to fall.

4) Help the missionaries find the person they came to teach:
Funstuff, Missionary Quest

5) Make a "I Can Testify of Jesus Christ Wheel."
The First Vision

6) Make a growing missionary:
missionary cutouts and poem

7) Bring Sugar Cubes or wooden blocks. Build a prison (simple square structure). As you build it, talk about the sins that can become a spiritual prison for us.  When it is time to ask the children lesson questions, have them toss a beanbag or other soft object, trying to knock the prison down, if they answer the question correctly. This could be as simple as three stacked blocks, paper cups (turned upside down and stacked -with perhaps paper stuck to them with drawings of bricks), anything that they could knock down.  Be sure to make the analogy that repentance gives Jesus Christ the power to knock down our prison walls. But he won't do it, if we don't invite him through repenting.
File:Sugar Cubes (7164573186).jpg

8) Find ten pieces of cord:
A line drawing showing Alma and Amulek breaking the cords as the prison crumbles.

Coloring Pages:
A black-and-white coloring page of two elder missionaries standing and holding scriptures outside a house door.
A black-and-white illustration of two young male missionaries, with books in hand, knocking on a door.
Missionaries, Elders
A black-and-white illustration of two female missionaries wearing skirts,  sweaters, and name badges, talking to a young girl.
Sister Missionaries
A black-and-white illustration of a young man wearing a missionary badge on a T-shirt, holding a clipboard, and pulling a dolly stacked with boxes.
Church Service
A black-and-white illustration of a boy walking a dog next to fence and offering a copy of the Friend to a young girl.
Sharing Friend

A black-and-white illustration of Jesus Christ kneeling and praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.
Gethsemane, Atonement
A black-and-white illustration of a deacon passing the sacrament to a family with two young girls.
Sacrament, Atonement,
A black-and-white illustration of a young boy holding a baseball, which has just gone through a window and made a large hole.
Black-and-white illustrations of four Primary children with the words "I can be happy when I say 'I'm sorry.'"


Non Resources for this lesson (Great for FHE):
 Image result for Primary 4 Lesson 16: Alma and Amulek in PrisonPrimary Manual 4: Lesson 16, Alma and Amulek in Prison resources for this lesson.

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