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Primary 1 Lesson 15: The Sabbath Is a Day of Worship

Primary 1
Lesson 15: The Sabbath Is a Day of Worship

“Chapter 18: The Israelites in the Wilderness”

“The Sabbath Day” 
“Remember the Sabbath Day” 

For the Strength of Youth: Sabbath Day Observance


1) prepare a jar or box. Fill it up with things that you shouldn't do on Sundays and things that you could do on Sundays. Tell the children it is your Sunday box and you only want to have things in it that you should do on Sundays. Box items could include money(shopping), pictures of your family (family time), headphones (listening to good music), Scriptures, tennis shoe (sports), and so on.

Coloring Pages:
Coloring Page

2) Help Lily with her Sunday Morning:
hidden pictures

3) Going to Church Maze:

4) Help Alexandra get ready for church:
Getting Ready for Church hidden picture

5) Play Sunday Box Pencil Spin and pantomime doing the things you land on. Because your class is so young you may want to make some new tabs to draw, such as read scriptures, take a nap, or make cookies for a neighbor:
Sunday box

6) Help the children think of things they can do on Sundays and fill the basket with Manna:

7) Make spinning wheels to help children remember Jesus during the Sacrament:
Christ Visits the AmericasPaintings of Christ

8) Make a mobile to show the Sabbath day is a delight. You may want to make just one in advance to show the children and talk about the things on it. If you think your class would enjoy their own mobile, try making one that is simple with only Jesus, family, and the sacrament cup.
The Sabbath Is a Delight!

9) Saturday is a Special Day Hidden Picture Activity:
hidden pictures

10) Print two of these on heavy paper. Cut the images out. Use about six sets of squares for a matching game where you place the images face down and take turns drawing two.
Sunday Activities

11) Make Sunday Cans the children can decorate by drawing on paper and taping it around the can. Then cut up (probably want to have them cut before class) the Sunday activity ideas in this article and place them in the can.

12) Watch the video "Chicks and Hens" and discuss how keeping the Sabbath day holy is a commandment. The Lord will protect us when we keep his commandments.

13) Cut this church into three or four pieces and use it as a simple preschool puzzle.
A black-and-white illustration of a Church meetinghouse with a single steeple and several windows on the front.

Coloring Pages:
A black-and-white illustration of a young girl and a young boy sitting next to each other in Sunday dress taking the sacrament bread.A black-and-white illustration of a deacon passing the sacrament to a family with two young girls.Black-and-white illustrations of a chapel, a family, the scriptures, and Jesus Christ, with text about good things to do on Sundays.A black-and-white illustration of a bishop in a suit and tie standing at a podium speaking into the microphone.A black-and-white illustration of a young boy in a short-sleeved shirt and a tie, standing at a small podium talking, with a sheet of paper in front of him.A black-and-white illustration of a male teacher and a female teacher showing a Primary class of three children a picture of the Salt Lake Temple.A black-and-white illustration of a Primary president with her hair in a bun standing at a podium, speaking into a microphone she is holding.A black-and-white illustration of two books of scripture next to each other, one lying flat and the other standing up.A black-and-white illustration of a grandmother wearing a dress and sweater and hugging her granddaughter, who is looking up at her.A black-and-white illustration of a girl in a nightgown asleep in a bed.A black-and-white illustration of a church building with trees in the background.A black-and-white illustration of a Church meetinghouse with a single steeple and several windows on the front.A black-and-white illustration of a Primary teacher showing a picture of a boat to three children.A black-and-white illustration of a nursery leader greeting a small girl with toys on the floor and two other children standing in the doorway.A black-and-white illustration of a Primary-age girl in a dress, sitting on a bench with her arms folded and her eyes closed.A black-and-white illustration of a young boy looking at a picture of of Christ, who is looking off to the side.A black-and-white illustration of a family of five standing together, with the mother holding the youngest child, a girl, in her arms.An illustration of a boy sitting in a chair at a table and reading from his scriptures, with a lamp on one side and his dog on the other.A black-and-white illustration of a family of five in their living room reading scriptures together; a mirror, lamp, and vase of flowers are behind them.


Non Resources: resources for this lesson can be found HERE.

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