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Primary 2 Lesson 15: Come, Follow Me

Primary 2
Lesson 15: Come, Follow Me


Come Follow Me in American Sign Language

New Testament Stories, “Chapter 18: Jesus Chooses His Apostles”

The Coat


I’m Trying to Be like Jesus
Love One Another
Keep the Commandments


“Choosing to Choose the Right”

"The Coat"


1) Play a choose the right game:

2) Talk about how President Hunter was obedient:
President Hunter was obedient

3) How can adhering to gospel standards help you follow Jesus? Play a Gospel Standards game:
Gospel standards

4) Talk about how much of Jesus' ministry on the earth was spent teaching the gospel and inviting others to accept it. Who does that sound like now? Missionaries. Are missionaries following Jesus?  Complete this missionary activity:
missionary cutouts and poem

5) Jesus asked us to love and serve one another. Play the Good Neighbor Game:
Respect and love others.  Good FHE activity!:

6) Make and use a service spinning wheel:
Wheel of Service

7) Print out 2 of these images and play a matching games, talking about making friends.
Prayerfully select someone to friendship

8) Sing "Do as I'm Doing"

9) Jesus was a good example and we should be do. Help Daniel be a good example.
example activity

10) Take the "What Kind of Friend Are You?" Quiz:

Coloring Pages:

  family gardening for elderly neighborfamily pushing a woman in a wheelchairboy inviting another to play basketballA black-and-white illustration of a boy comforting a girl who is sitting on the steps of their home with a bandage on her knee.A black-and-white illustration of a young boy carrying a box for his grandfather, who is using a cane to walk.A black-and-white illustration of a young girl in a wheelchair holding books and being pushed by another young girl.A black-and-white illustration of two young children sitting in a playroom, surrounded by toys and reading a storybook together.Coloring Page


  Jesus Christ in a white robe, walking along the banks of the sea and calling out to a group of fishermen, who are pulling their nets into their boat.

Non Resources:

Find resources for this lesson here.

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