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Primary 4 Lesson 14: Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah Repent

Primary 4 

Lesson 14: Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah Repent





1) Print some small pictures from Alma the Younger Repents and have the children put them in order and retell the story they learned in class.

2) Copy/Paste images into a Microsoft Word Document. Print 2 and play a matching game.

3) Make a min flip book with images from Alma the Younger Repents.
Alma the Younger and sons of King Mosiah made trouble  Alma prayed for his son  They fell to the ground  The sons of Mosiah told Alma what happened  Alma the Younger was happy

4) Decode a "Message from Alma."
5) Find the differences in Alma:
A line drawing showing two versions of Alma the Younger, one before his conversion and one after.

6) Make a repentance reminder:

7) Color this shield of faith and cut it apart to make a puzzle.
Cut Out Shield

8) Have the children make a flip book of this simple repentance story and challenge them to share the process of repentance with a younger child. You could arrange with another teacher to visit a younger Primary class so the children in your class could teach with their flip books.
Travis returns the toys

9) Make a repentance pyramid:

10) Make a repentance book:

11) Put the steps of repentance in order:
repentance pictures

12) "What is Repentance" activity
matching activity

13) Make an Article of Faith Mobile:
mobile spiral

14) Alma Repented:
Alma Repented

Coloring Pages:
A black-and-white illustration of a young girl in a frilly sweater and simple pair of trousers kneeling to pray on the ground. A black-and-white illustration of a boy in a two-buttoned collared shirt with his arms folded, his eyes closed, and his head bowed in prayer.A black-and-white illustration of a deacon passing the sacrament to a family with two young girls.A black-and-white illustration of a young girl and a young boy sitting next to each other in Sunday dress taking the sacrament water.A black-and-white illustration of Jesus Christ kneeling and praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.A black-and-white illustration of a young boy holding a baseball, which has just gone through a window and made a large hole.


Alma the Younger Called to Repentance  Primary cutouts of a boy standing in a suit and tie, a girl standing in a blue dress and holding scriptures, and Alma the Younger standing with a raised arm.  A painting by Jerry Thompson depicting Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah on the ground, shielding their eyes from an angel.

Non Resources for this lesson (Great for FHE):

  steps of repentance copy

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