Thursday, March 3, 2016

Primary 1 Lesson 11: I Am Thankful for Fish

Primary 1
Lesson 11: I Am Thankful for Fish

I'm a Mormon, Scientist, and Australian Abalone Hunter

Creatures Revealed
Music :
Thanks to Our Father

Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime?


1) Show the children these "Animal Riddles" and have the children point to the animal that matches each riddle.

2) Find the two fish that match:

Go fish

4) Let's go fishing story:

Picture story

5) How many fish can you find?  Color one in advance so little eyes can see where the fish are.

Fishing game

6) Go fishing in the classroom. Cut these fish out and put a paper clip on each one. hang a magnet from a string. Use an unsharpened pencil for a fishing pole. Attach the string to the "pole."  

Go fish

7) figure out who caught the fish. This could also work as a simple drawing on the board.


8) Have the children find the fish in this picture:

Printable Coloring Pages from the Friend a link to the lds friend coloring page with lots of coloring pages by topic!:

9) Children this age would love to decorate and attach (masking tape) some fins to their wrists and  "swim" around the room, making a kissing shape with their mouths.

Fish Fin Template

10) Make paper plate fish. See images and non links below for ideas.  Save trees by purchasing small paper plates.

Flying Fish

11) Color the fish coloring page and cut the fish out. Stick the fish to popcicle sticks so they are easy to hold and have the children "swim" them around the room, making a kissing shape with their mouths.

12) Have them find their way through a maze:

13) Make a whale (His mouth moves and he can "swallow" Jonah):

14) Do a hidden picture but come prepared with a "Key" that you complete at home so it will be easy for 3 year olds.

Family Campout- Hidden picture:

Coloring pages:

  A black-and-white depiction of the creation of fishes and fowls, including a whale, owl, and pelican.Jesus with loaves and fishes  Keep the commandments    


  Primary cutouts of three yellow fish swimming in water and a brown horse with cream-colored spots walking on grass near rocks and a river.       

Other Non Resources for this lesson:
      Fish game: fish with hook and rod      How to make DIY paper plate fish craft step by step tutorial instructions 4    

Find resources for this lesson HERE.


  1. Thanks for putting this together, I love how many handouts you've collected! I wish I'd stumbled on this sooner-I just found out I'm getting a new calling :( I'll miss my little sunbeams!

  2. You are most welcome. I know it is what I always wished I had.