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Primary 2 Lesson 11: I Can Tell Others about Jesus Christ

Primary 2
Lesson 11: I Can Tell Others about Jesus Christ


Chapter 23: Ammon: A Great Servant


Hope They Call Me on a Mission
I Want to Be a Missionary Now
The Things I Do
We’ll Bring the World His Truth


Scriptural Giants: Ammon the Valiant
Missionary Work
Be a Friend
Manners Matter
Inviting Jacob


1) Color yourself as a missionary:
missionary boy  missionary girl

2) Cut these out and have the children retell the story, or put the story in order.
 flannel-board figures

3) Play "I Can Be a Missionary Now"

4) Practice your missionary answers:

5) What can you do to prepare for a mission?

6) Roll the paper dice and discuss how you can share the gospel now:

7) Draw what a missionary looks like:

8) Help the missionaries get to their teaching appointment:
missionary maze

9) Put things a missionary does in order:
Image result for life of a missionary

10) Matching Missionaries:
missionary sets

11) Find the items in this mission call picture:
Image result for "mission call" this young woman just received "" can you find the objectsImage result for "welcome home elder" bagleygroup of people

12) Help the missionaries find the right apartment:
Missionary Appointment activity

13) Missionary Maze:
missionary maze

14) Find the investigator:
Funstuff, Missionary Quest

15) Make missionary name tags:
Image result for Get ready to share cornelius

16) Find a companion:
missionary matching game

17) Match the missionary to where they serve:
clue activity

18) Have one of the children lead the class in "The Sons of Mosiah" finger play.

19) Spot the differences:
missionary picture activity

20) Learn to draw a missionary:
drawing instructions

21) We love to play missionary door. We send a pair of students outside of the classroom and have them "tract" by knocking on the door then teaching us the gospel like missionaries would.

Coloring pages:

Coloring page  A black-and-white coloring page of two elder missionaries standing and holding scriptures outside a house door.A black-and-white illustration of two young male missionaries, with books in hand, knocking on a door.A black-and-white illustration of two female missionaries wearing skirts,  sweaters, and name badges, talking to a young girl.A black-and-white illustration of a young man wearing a missionary badge on a T-shirt, holding a clipboard, and pulling a dolly stacked with boxes.A black-and-white illustration of a boy walking a dog next to fence and offering a copy of the Friend to a young girl.


A painting by Scott M. Snow depicting Ammon standing on a yellow rug, holding a roll of parchment while talking to King Laban, who is sitting on his throne.  A painting by Harold T. (Dale) Kilbourn of the four sons of Mosiah kneeling in robes and praying by the river.    scripture poster  

Other Non Resources for this lesson: helps for this lesson can be found here.

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