Thursday, February 18, 2016

Primary 2 Lesson 9: Jesus Christ Was a Child like Me

Primary 2
Lesson 9: Jesus Christ Was a Child like Me


Young Jesus Teaches in the Temple


Jesus Once Was a Little Child
I'm Trying to Be like Jesus


Trying to Be Like Jesus Christ
Jesus as a Child


1) Matching game: Print two of these Jesus scripture character cutouts. Cut out the figures and paste them on 3x5 cards. Place the cards face down and play a matching game, having children take turns drawing two cards to see if they can find a match.

2) Make a scroll: You can use Popsicle sticks, skewers, or pencils for the ends. Your paper could be made from old paper bags, or just be white copy paper. You could have parts of the lesson ready for them to paste in their scrolls or you could have them draw a picture about something in the lesson. They could write or paste a scripture in their scroll.
Proverbs scroll craft activity:

3) Make a CTR poke paper.

4) Have them fill out "Jesus Christ was a Child Like Me."

5) Make a growth chart in class.  Let the children color it. Help them mark their current height. Help them fold it or roll it carefully to take home.  The can grow in Grace and Truth as Jesus did.

6) Make a growing missionary:
missionary cutouts and poem

7) Complete a CTR maze:

Coloring pages:

Coloring Page 
Jesus with children
Jesus With Children
Coloring Page
Jesus with Children
Jesus with children
Jesus with Children

A scroll of worn parchment lying on a crude table.    Matthew 2:1–2, 11, Mary and Jesus  Young Jesus standing next to Joseph in the carpenter’s shop, working with tools on the wood while Joseph supervises.  A painting by Simon Dewey showing Mary with her head covered bowing and holding onto the arm of a young Jesus who is praying with hands clasped.

Other Non Resources for this lesson: helps for this lesson can be found here.

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