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Primary 4 Lesson 9: Enos Prays

Primary 4 
Lesson 9: Enos Prays

Chapter 11: Enos
Understanding Prayer—Darshan
Prayer and Conversion—Jennifer
President Monson talks about Prayer

A Child’s Prayer

Tell Me, Dear Lord

I Pray in Faith

If with All Your Hearts

The Books in the Book of Mormon


The Enos Experiment
Enos Repents
Scriptural Giants: Enos Prays
Prayer Is Reverent Communication between God and Me
Enos and the Power of Prayer: What Other Special Helps Has Heavenly Father Given Me to Help Me Keep My Baptismal Covenants?
Enos’s Prayer [The Book of Enos]
Praying Like Enos
A Mighty Change of Heart
Our Life-Changing Partnership with the Spirit (ctrl f  search "Enos"-the section on Enos is low in the article)
I understand the steps to repentance, but how do I know if I’ve been forgiven?

Enos was prayerful

1) The first help I can give for this lesson is that children are unlikely to ask you questions about prayer. I think it is a valuable thing to have them thinking about questions that could be answered as you read about Enos even if they don't have questions. Here are a few questions you can bring up yourself and put on the board are (choosing 2 or 3 will be more than enough. If you choose them all it will be too much for the children to focus on):
  • How long do you have to pray?
  • How are prayers answered?
  • If I am quiet when I pray does Heavenly Father still hear me?
  • When can we pray?
  • Where can we pray?
  • What can we pray about?
  • Why do we pray?
Invite the children to raise their hand during the lesson if they think they can answer one of the questions on the board because of what they are learning in Enos' story.

2) Fill out this "Like Enos" handout.
Lesson 49 handout
3) Talk about who Enos prayed for. Draw circles like this one for the individual students and have the children write in who they can pray for.  Read the article here for help.

4) Choose a few of the pictures in Enos' story to make a matching game. Chose 3 or 4 images in Enos' story. Copy/paste them into a Word Document and print twice on heavy paper. Cut them out and place them face down to make a matching game.
Enos praying

5) Play a prayer memory game:
prayer activity cards

6) Make a prayer slider to remind you how to pray:
Morning and eveningPrayer reminder

7) Make a mobile:
Mobile shapes

8) Make a praying paper doll:
paper doll, girl praying  Cut outs for fasting

9) Make a prayer mini book:

10) Complete a prayer puzzle:
Puzzle  Prayers

11) Find your way through a maze:
Untangling Feelings

12) Make a prayer flip page. Fold the page in half. Cut the vertical lines so they fold over the image but can be lifted to reveal something about prayer.

13) Read Enos Prays as a class:
Picture story

14) What should I know about prayer?
coloring activity

Coloring pages:
flannel-board figures  A black-and-white illustration of a girl with long hair folding her arms and bowing her head next to her bed to say a prayer.A black-and-white illustration of a boy kneeling to pray next to his bed with a framed picture of the resurrected Christ on his nightstand.girl kneeling in prayer by bedPrayerA black-and-white illustration of Jesus Christ kneeling and praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.A black-and-white illustration of a boy in a two-buttoned collared shirt with his arms folded, his eyes closed, and his head bowed in prayer.A black-and-white illustration of the young boy Joseph Smith kneeling in prayer in the Sacred Grove prior to the First Vision.A black-and-white illustration of a mother and father and young son kneeling together with hands folded to pray.A black-and-white illustration of a young girl in a frilly sweater and simple pair of trousers kneeling to pray on the ground.A black-and-white illustration of a Primary-age girl in a dress, sitting on a bench with her arms folded and her eyes closed.A black-and-white illustration of a man and a boy bowing their heads and folding their hands in prayer.


Enos praying      The Cycle of Righteousness and Wickedness  

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