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Primary 1 Lesson 9: I Am Thankful for Water

Primary 1
Lesson 9: I Am Thankful for Water


Music :


1) Bring a clear cup. Put water in it. I suggest waiting until you are at church to put water in it. Bring several items and explore with the children which ones sink and which ones float.  After a few items, have the children predict if the next one will sink or float. Sort the items on the table between sinking and floating.

2) Make a rain mobile.  Though I wouldn't make a mobile as complicated as the one at A white piece of paper and some colored rain drop shapes would go a long way in making a three or four year old happy. They could even glue cotton balls on the cloud.  Patterned paper looks good on an umbrella rain mobile. Come prepared with everything cut out, plenty of string, and plenty of tape.
DIY Rain Drop Mobile  Fun umbrella art project! perdect for a weather unit!  A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday and Boot Scootin Blog Hop!:   I think this little umbrella with the sounds of weather is very cute and functional.  This teachers website also has an array of science ideas.:

3) Sing "Rain Is Falling All Around."  The kids love it.

4) Play a matching game by choosing 3 images and printing them twice. Place the images face down and have the children take turns turning them over to find a match.

5) Tie string to an unsharpened pencil to play a fishing game. (All the better if you can put the fish on a blue towel (water) on the floor.  Put paper clips on fish after the children color them and put a magnet on the end of the string.

6) Keep raining! Cut out a bunch of rain drops and take turns making it rain by tossing them up in the air and letting them fall. Have a bowl or cup ready so the children can pick up raindrops and put them in while you sing "When We're Helping."

Coloring pages:

A black-and-white illustration of a young girl standing in a baptismal font being baptized by her father.  A black and white illustration of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus Christ.  A black-and-white illustration of two hands with a lather of soap between them.  A black-and-white illustration of a glass two-thirds full of water sitting on a table or ledge.  A black-and-white illustration of a drinking fountain with a jet of water coming out of the nozzle.A black-and-white depiction of the creation of fishes and fowls, including a whale, owl, and pelican.

        John the Baptist holding onto the wrist of Jesus Christ, whom he has just immersed in the waters of the River Jordan that surround them.  A young boy in a white jumpsuit standing in a large body of blue water to be baptized by a man who is raising his arm to the square.  A small boy with blond hair reaches out to take a cup from a metal sacrament tray that a deacon is holding out to him.            Primary cutouts of a snow scene with clouds and falling snowflakes, a pastoral scene with a river and trees, a large water drop, and two large snowflakes. 

Other Non Resources for this lesson:

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