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Primary 4 Lesson 5: Lehi and His Family Are Led through the Wilderness

Primary 4
Lesson 5: Lehi and His Family Are Led through the Wilderness


Chapter 5: Traveling in the Wilderness


The Still Small Voice

The Holy Ghost

I Like My Birthdays

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

Dearest Children, God Is Near You

Listen, Listen (Round)

The Holy Ghost (American Sign Language)

Dearest Children, God Is Near You (American Sign Language)

Music, The Gift of the Holy Ghost


All about Nephi's bow:

Safety and the Spirit:

Safety and the Spirit


1) Scripture reading coloring activity:

I Can Read the Book of Mormon

2) Make a Liahona:

Liahona activity

3) Liahona Dot to Dot


4) Dot to Dot

Sharing Time: Compass of Faith - Liahona Feb. 1988 - liahona:

5) Make a Lehi's Journey roller box:

Making a roller bos

6) Copy Paste these Lehi's Journey clip art images to a Word doc. Cut them out (you'll probably want to put a picture border on them) and make itty bitty mini books.

Nephi broke his bow  Liahona taught Nephi where to find food  Lehi

7)Nephi's bow cutouts:


8) Bow and Arrow: Make the grooves in the Popsicle stick ahead of time. Put a target on the board. Have the children complete their arrows. Have them take turns aiming for a target. When they hit one, ask them a question from the lesson Discussion and Application Questions.

9) Make a Holy Ghost mini book:

10) Talk about how Harold B. Lee was guided by the Holy Ghost. How was that like Lehi following the Liahona?

11) Scripture quilt coloring activity (Holy Ghost):


12) Sing Listen, Listen (Round) as a class.

13) Talk about how the voice of the Holy Ghost is gentle. Arrange a few chairs in the room and blindfold a child. guide them around the chairs with your voice or gently lead them with a rope.

Special Witness

14) Make a mini book:

pictures to color

15) Make a Liahona ornament:

Coloring pages:

  pictures to color


  A painting by Jerry Thompson of Nephi standing and looking down at his broken bow, with his brothers watching from a distance.  A painting by Arnold Friberg depicting Lehi kneeling on the ground and holding the Liahona, with Nephi and their family gathered around.  The Liahona didn't work when the people didn't obey:   Nephi broke his bow  Liahona taught Nephi where to find food  Lehi  

Other Non Resources for this lesson:
Lehi's Dream by Larry Ogan - Notice the Iron rod in the tree forms to make the symbols "Alpha" & "Omega", also the 12 fruits to represent the tribes of Israel and forever families.:   File:Liahona.jpg   

Website: The Fine Art of Joseph F. Brickey:         The Liahona is a compass that curiously appeared to the Prophet Lehi after he embarked on a journey with his family from Jerusalem to the promised land. While there are very few details about the actual characteristics of the Liahona, as a compass, it has subsequently become something of symbolic representation for giving heed to the word of God.:    

Find helps for this lesson HERE.

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