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Primary 2 Lesson 5: I Can Make Right Choices

Primary 2
Lesson 5: I Can Make Right Choices


Dayton’s Legs (My favorite...Not just great for choosing the right when you are faced with right and wrong but choosing the best because you can and doing right things even when you don't have to. LOVE IT!)

The Sting of the Scorpion

The Shiny Bicycle

Lessons I Learned as a Boy


Choose the Right

Choose the Right Way

Choose the Right in American Sign Language

Dearest Children, God Is Near You

Hum Your Favorite Hymn


Trying to Be Like Jesus (Small stories about children choosing the right)

Trying to Be Like Jesus (Small stories about children choosing the right)

When We Choose the Right, We Are Blessed

Sharing Time: Keep the Commandments

Leaving Bad Behind


1) Learn to sing Choose the Right in American Sign Language.

2) Find the images that are the same:
Look alike game

3) In the starting box of the maze on the following page, write a choice you have to make. Follow the instructions as you go through the maze. Then, in the finish box, write the choice you have made.

4) Choose the right by following the prophet:

5) Play a CTR game:
matching pictures

6) Choose the Right ladder game:

7) Board Game:

8) Hidden CTR ring activity:
Always Choose the RighSchoolChurch

9) Sing and Pass-a-long game:
Gospel standards

10) Beatitude book:
Beatitude Book

11) Choosing the Right on the Sabbath Day:

12) My choices have consequences:
Top disk

13) Make a star:
sunshine poster

14) I'll Prepare Myself While I am Young Activity:

15) Prepare this crown/mirror activity for the children to follow through with at home:
Child of God Crown Frame

16) Pioneers choose the right when they traveled west. We can choose the right today by doing hard things when it is the right thing to do. Make a wagon:
Covered wagon

17) Maze:

18) Choose the Right Maze:

19) Play "Keeping Our Baptismal Covenants"

20) Make a Repentance Reminder:
Repentance—Turning from Wrong to Right (Teaching children about repentance.):

21) Play a Good Neighbor game:
Respect and love others.  Good FHE activity!:

Coloring pages:

Coloring Page

A background striped in different shades of green, with the quote “Choose the right!”   My Gospel Standards  Matt and Mandy....honesty:

Other Non Resources for this lesson:
File:CTR Ring (LDS Church).jpg    Paper CTR Rings - free printable and how to do photos -Tabbygram: helps for this lesson are HERE.

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