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Primary 2 Lesson 6: We Have Special Families

Primary 2
Lesson 6: We Have Special Families


Talk about how families need to spend time together. Review the Family A Proclamation's advice on wholesome recreational activities then watch these funny Mormon Ads about family time: 
Runaway Stagecoach

Highlight: Why Marriage, Why Family

The Family is of God:
(Listen/download by clicking by the song title on this directory page.)

Families Can Be Together Forever

A Happy Family

Family Prayer

The Family

Family Night

Because God Loves Me

Here We Are Together

Love at Home (Women)


Funstuff: 15 Ways to Strengthen Your Family

Participating in Wholesome Activities Will Strengthen My Family


1) Make a paper doll chain and color in each member of your family:

2) Cut out these coupons to give your parents and siblings so you can serve them.
Christmas coupons

3) Make a paper "Love at Home" house:

4) Make a job chart to help your family at home:
This image used to be hosted on HERE.
You can download it directly from this page by choosing the download icon next to the title "Family Job Wheel." They don't have it hosted online in any other format than the downloadable pdf (only accessible through the Friend Oct. 2010 directory page).

5) Play with family finger puppets:
Finger puppets

6) Complete a FAMILY hidden picture like this one or look in our hidden picture directory for more.
hidden picture

7) Talk about things that can strengthen a family:
strong family fill in the blank

8) Whipstitched Message Pouch:
Whipstitched Message Pouch

Coloring pages:
His Name Shall Be Called Wonderfulmother and father holding new babyColoring activityfamily together on sofaColoring Page  Adam and Eve Teach Their Children  family entering church  family gardening for elderly neighborAn illustration of a mother and father with their three children standing in front of the San Diego California Temple.

   flannel-board figures

Other Non Resources for this lesson:

Find helps for this lesson here.

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