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Primary 1 Lesson 6: Heavenly Father and Jesus Love Me

Primary 1
Lesson 6: Heavenly Father and Jesus Love Me


Showing Our Love for Jesus

Chapter 41: Jesus Blesses the Children (Jerusalem)

Chapter 44: Jesus Christ Blesses the Children (Americas)

Music :

As a Child of God

My Heavenly Father Loves Me

I Know My Father Lives


You Are a Child of God

Frankie, Child of God By Kay Timpson

Seeing a Child of God

All Human Beings Are Created in the Image of God

A, B, C, Jesus Loves Me

I Know that Jesus Loves Me (poem)


1) Make a scripture box to help remind the children of their diving birthright.

Scripture box

2) Make a picture frame with things you like:

Things we like

3) Make a crown:

4) Cut out and make a tassel for this scripture bookmark
"I have a Father in heaven, who loves me."
“All of you are children of the most high” (Psalm 82:6):
sky bookmark

5) Make a medallion necklace:
boy’s face and girl’s face

6) Review the story of how Jesus Christ blessed the Nephite children. Discuss how much He must of loved him.

7) Make a mini book:
I know that Jesus loves me

8) Talk about how Heavenly Father loves all his children and make a doll chain:

9) Make Popcicle Stick Puppets and talk about how everyone is different? How are these children different?

Coloring pages:

Jesus with children  Printable Coloring Pages from the Friend a link to the lds friend coloring page with lots of coloring pages by topic!: I am a child of God  Jesus with children

children around the world, leftchildren around the world, right  A black-and-white illustration of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, wearing robes, standing side-by-side with hands outstretched.Jesus with Nephite children      

Other Non Resources for this lesson:

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