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Primary 2 Lesson 2: I Can Choose the Right

Primary 2
Lesson 2: I Can Choose the Right


Bullied - Let Us Be Kind 3:05


I'm Trying to Be like Jesus


1) Make a Bird Ornament:

2) Make a flying bird:
I love to take a bird like this and tape it together, wings outstretched. Then my students and I tape a pencil or Popsicle stick to the back and move the pencil up and down to make it "fly." Be sure to color it first. It's always easier to color anything first, before cutting and taping. I've included non LDS.org pictures at the bottom of this post to give you more flying bird craft options.

Coloring pages:
  Jesus with children    boy inviting another to play basketball

Articles and Stories (Friend Magazine):

These collections of short articles are gold when you are teaching. They are short and can keep a child's attention. They can be printed and children can pull them out of a bag for the teacher to read. Then the child that pulled it out can be asked a simple question like, "How do you think Sarah chose the right?" When you are on the LDS.org website Search for "Trying to Be Like Jesus Friend. (Friend is to tell the search function you are looking for Friend Magazine articles.
Trying to Be Like Jesus (Sept. 2010)
Trying to Be Like Jesus (Sept. 2009)
Find more here: Trying to Be Like Jesus Snippit Articles


  hen and chicks in nest    Primary Cutout Illustration RobinA watercolor illustration of a boy and a girl in the branches of an apple tree, reaching out to pick apples while looking at a nest of birds.boy helping injured girl

Other Non LDS.org Resources for this lesson:

Canary Bird, Canary Bird Spread His Wing Coloring Pages: Canary Bird Spread His Wing Coloring PagesMobile Owl CraftsIllustration: Lesser nighthawkFile:Report on the birds of Pennsylvania (Plate 23) (7871808386).jpg  File:HirundoSmithiiGould.jpg  File:The British bird book (1921) (14568938048).jpg  File:113 Blue-bird.jpg

Sugardoodle.net resources for this lesson are here.

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