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Primary 2 Lesson 8: Heavenly Father Watches Over Me

Primary 2
Lesson 8: Heavenly Father Watches Over Me


The Wise Men Seek Jesus

Chapter 8: Wicked King Herod

Samuel the Lamanite Tells about Jesus Christ


Choose the Right Way

Dearest Children, God Is Near You

Dare to Do Right

I Stand Prepared


Putting on the Whole Armor of God

Revelation and You

How to Be Guided by the Spirit

To Be a Knight


1) Matching game: Talk about how Heavenly Father watches over us and how He let's us help Him watch over all of his children. Talk about visiting teachers and home teachers and how they help Heavenly Father watch over his children. Play a matching game by printing out 8 of these Helping Hands badges on stiff paper. Before class begins cut them out and color a pair red, another pair blue, another pair yellow, and another pair green. Turn the badges upside down and take turns turning them over to find a match. When a child finds a match have them say what they can do to help Heavenly Father watch over His children.

Helping Hands Badge

2) Make some glasses. Have the children color and cut out these glasses. Have them wear the glasses while they look at these pictures and say how they can help Heavenly Father watch over His children.

Glasses, ear piece

3) Talk about prayer and how we can ask Heavenly Father for the protection we need. 

4) Make a mobile about the prayer process and how we can receive answers. It is easier for Heavenly Father to protect us if we learn to listen to and obey the whisperings of the Holy Ghost.

5) Make a paper chain. On each strip of paper write or draw a way that Heavenly Father watches over His children. (If possible use colored construction paper to make it more interesting.) How long did your chain get?
paper chain

6) Make Armor.
Breastplate of Righteousness

7) Read "Firefighters and the Armor of God." When you are done print this handout on stiff paper and use it as a matching game.

8) Explore what it means to be protected by the Armor of God. How do these things protect us?

9) Dress a paper doll or print it large for the board as you talk about each piece of the Armor of God.
Nephite warriorwarrior armor

10) Cover examples in the scriptures of people putting on the Armor of God:

11) Make a shield:

Shield of faith

12 Watch Samuel the Lamanite Tells about Jesus Christ and discuss how Samuel was protected. Was he wearing the Armor of God? Did obedience help him to be protected? Will Heavenly Father help and protect you when you are choosing the right?
A black-and-white illustration of Samuel the Lamanite withstanding the arrows and stones being thrown at him.Flannel board figure

13) Watch: Helaman and the 2,000 Young Warriors. How did the Army of Helaman's faith protect them? Play a game.
flannel-board figuresGame Helaman's army

Coloring pages:

A black-and-white illustration of a girl with long hair folding her arms and bowing her head next to her bed to say a prayer.  A black-and-white illustration of a boy kneeling to pray next to his bed with a framed picture of the resurrected Christ on his nightstand.  girl kneeling in prayer by bed    A black-and-white illustration of two men giving a priesthood blessing to a young girl who is sick and sitting in her bed.  An illustration of two round eyes, each with three eyelashes.Coloring PageShield of faithNephite warriorwarrior armorA black-and-white illustration of Samuel the Lamanite withstanding the arrows and stones being thrown at him.Flannel board figure

boy in woods    

Other Non Resources for this lesson:
Single Gift Box jpeg format helps for this lesson can be found here.

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